Vogue: The isle of blondes

The Lithuanian marketing giant that uses platinum hair as its trademark opens a resort in the Maldives "for blondes only"

If Hooters does it, why can’t we? That’s what the managers of Olialia (it’s read Oh-la-la, which says it all). Using women that have a certain feature as a functional decoration is not new: at Hooters it’s impressive breasts. Olialia instead wants to use blonde hair (real or dyed, it doesn’t matter). Something Olialia has experience with: it has used for a long time an army of blondes to sponsor every kind of product. What was missing is a specific place where everyone is young and beautiful, with platinum, gold, wheat or wheat beer hair. A dream location, a resort in the Maldives, an island of blondes.

It immediately conjures up scenarios that are a bit the Playboy Mansion and the host of surrogates of The Stepford Wives. The Maldivian authorities are cautious: they have not received any request to create a holiday village of the kind specified, although they remain open to any proposal supported by a solid business model, because pecunia non olet. Even if residents Maldivians lack critical genetic make-up to work on the island of blondes, they should be content to remain behind the scenes or wear wigs.

The protests of the Lithanian president of the the Center for Equal Opportunity Lithuanian Margarita Jankauskaite seem useless. Blondes have more fun said Rod Stewart, and he knows blondes well. Moreover, the image of a blonde running in slow motion on the beach is the pinnacle of soft eroticism at least since the end of the 60s: the details change, but the obsession remains the same.

di Giulia Blasi