Olialia Calendar 2017

Olialia Calendar 2017

DANJ Entertainment recently unveiled its annual calendar ­ The Olialia 2017 Calendar. The shoot for the calendar was done in Europe in association with the chairperson of Olialia World and for mer Romanian supermodel Anca Verma. Olialia is a well-recognised European brand, which is now launching its FMCG products.
Under the supervision of Dinesh Aneja, MD of DANJ Entertainment, a team of 12 sizzling international and Indian models worked with ace photographer Guru Dhanowa to create their new calendar. The 2017 Calendar project was coordinated and managed by Anamika Benn Gulati.

The world is already aware of a calendar that has become a cult. You may not always be the first, but it is a good leader who leads towards a good direction, inspired by famous Pirelli calendar Olialia brand cooperating with a newspapper “Vakaro Žinios” has been creating number one selling calendars in Lithuania for a few years.

Olialia Calendar photographers have always immortalised a very sophisticated concept of beauty, mid-way between fashion and glamour. And every year the Calendar offers a collection of images that interpret the concept of beauty in an original way, different to the previous year.

Creative people that work in Olialia group understands that the intense relationship between a photographer and his Muse is the very essence of the creation of a strong aesthetic dialogue and can lead to the sublimation of natural beauty. Olialia Calendars are created by building a straightforward, intimate and real relationship which made it possible to instill the images with purity.

 It is beauty that captures your attention and personality which captures your heart. This is why Olialia group chooses not only beautiful but also talented and smart women to be in a Calendar.