Olialia World Family Business

Since 2001

Welcome to Olialia™ World

We are a family owned growth capital investor, with a globally recognised and respected brand OLIALIA™. Our investment team focuses on our core consumer sectors of FMCG, Infrastructure & Media, Music & Entertainment, Financial Services, Transportation and Airports.

Welcome to Olialia™ World

Olialia Mega Project

Olialia Airport Maldives vision presented by Abhishek Verma

Maldives Government shortlists Olialia to Build, Operate & Transfer Olialia International Airport Maldives (OIAM)

Leadership through innovation!

Olialia solar power panels manufactured by SoliTek

Lithuania using world’s most advanced technology, the canvas and dynamics of solar energy generation in India and Maldives are all set to revolutionise.

Welcome to Olialia Cola World!

We are bringing the cleanest water from Europe to Asia in Olialia Cola

Tested in Lithuania for Global Marketplace

International Pan Masala

Olialia Pan Masala enters the market in INDIA

The pan masala gives a rich taste owing to its high-quality Supari, Kathha, Cardomom

First time in the World!

Olialia Black Mattresses with 10 kilograms Baltic Amber inside

Covered with real Baltic Amber for better sleep and stronger immune system

Brilliant idea to produce Olialia Mattresses EXPO 2021 in Lithuania!

Made in Lithuania for UAE

We are happy to see our clients from Dubai EXPO 2020 - 2021 appreciating the quality of Olialia Mattresses

Billionaires Ki Pasand

Olialia Golden Egg Limited Edition

Available at Maldives, India and Europe

Olialia Shop

New Arrival



Olialia™ World Past, Present and Future

Mega Projects


Olialia a Europe-based multinational brand is here to play a crucial role in the environmental friendly global movement, producing solar panels using only renewable energy, and championing the GlassGlass solar panel segment, whose production requires less CO2 intense raw materials in the partnership agreement with OEM manufacturers SoliTek Cells for the manufacturing, branding & distribution of solar panels in the Indian and Asian markets.

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The Chief Evangelist of Olialia PanMasala Mr.Abhishek Verma and his wife Chairperson of Olialia World Mrs.Anca Verma, alongwith their core-team and management visited the industrial plant of Olialia Pan Masala in Faridabad city, NCR of Delhi on the 10th of March 2018.

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Maldivian government invited Olialia India Pvt Ltd to submit the formal proposal to construct an international airport in the island nation.

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Romanca Anca Verma, casatorita cu miliardarul indian Abhishek Verma, a pus ochii pe una dintre cele mai luxoase destinatii de vacante din lume: Insulele Maldive.

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The company said that its proposal would be evaluated and assessed by the Maldives government and they would decide whether further competitive bids are to be invited or straightaway award the contract to construct and operate the airport for 50 years...

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The 2017 Olialia calendar presented by Danj Entertainment Inc was launched with much fanfare at the Privee lounge, Hotel Shangri la in Delhi.

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Miliardara romanca din India devine rivala lui Mr Pink pe piata asiatica! Anca Verma investeste in cel mai sexy brand de racoritoare din lume, promovat agresiv cu blonde atractive

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Viena įtakingiausių šeimų Indijoje – Vermos – pasirašė ilgalaikį (10 metų) bendradarbiavimo kontraktą su „Olialia“ ženklo vystytojais Lietuvoje.

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120 mannequins lituaniens arpentaient Cannes mercredi pour promouvoir le concept d’une île-hôtel des Maldives entièrement gérée par des beautés blondes.

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The company Current Sponge, who belongs to Sam Branson, son of the famous billionaire Richard Branson, owner of Virgin, has decided to shoot a film on the business empire of the Lithuanian Blondes Olialia. The documentary film on how the business of Olialia girls developed and began thriving in Lithuania will be a prelude to a major TV show.

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In 2009, the sales of goods and services marked by the Olialia brand stood at more than 11.7 million litas (3.38 euros) – a more than double increase as compared to 5.7 million litas (1.65 euros) in 2008.

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Study revealed that 81.8% of Lithuanian respondents were aware of Olialia, Lithuanian trademark covering 75 business areas. The study carried out by market research company TNS Gallup revealed, that the awareness of Olialia trademark increased by 15% in 2009, as compared to 2008.

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Olialia™ Family

Abhishek Verma

Olialia World Chief Evangelist

Abhishek Verma was born in New Delhi on 23rd February 1968 into a family that has served in Indian politics for half a century. He is an prominent business man and was declared youngest billionaire of India in 1997.

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Anca Verma

Olialia World Chairperson

As a successful business-woman Anca Verma makes investments extensively across the globe. She is richest Romanian in the world.

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Justinas Tomkus

Olialia Co-Founder

Justinas Tomkus (born 12 February 1980) is an Lithuanian Entrepreneur. He founded the Olialia™, which managed more than 375 Olialia Trademark projects with leading Lithuania Manufacturers by Made in Lithuania initiative.

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Rasa Tomkiene

Olialia Co-Founder

Rasa Tomkiene was born in Vilnius on 11th June, is an Lithuanian Businesswoman. Since 2002 she was creating Olialia Products and expanding brand awareness with leading Lithuania media.

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Olialia Offices

  • C-1, Ansal Villa Farms, Satbari, near Chattarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110074, India